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Jeff Plumb wrote this on the 24-Apr-2014 03:05:29 PM

Hi there table tennis fans. Spinified is a place where you can come to find out information about the World's best table tennis athletes. We'll be writing interesting stories, analysing matches, and presenting fascinating statistics.

Did you know, that of all the tournaments we have entered in the system, Xu Xin has only once lost a match to a player ranked outside the top 10? Against players in the top 10 he's won 20 and lost 10. Now that is a pretty impressive record. No wonder he's currently ranked number 1.

Speaking of number 1's, check out who has had the longest streak of months at number 1.

If you like that sort of information, you are going to love Spinified. We're pretty excited about putting a new spin on how table tennis is discussed.

Enjoy your table tennis!