U/21 Girl's Singles

2013 Swedish Open - 27 Nov 2013 to 01 Dec 2013
Who Played
Shiho Matsudaira
Sofia Polcanova
Britt Eerland
Laura Gasnier
Laura Pfefer
Stephanie Loeuillette
Mercedes Nagyvaradi
Sarah De Nutte

Photos are by courtesy of the ITTF


2013 Swedish Open


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Main Draw

Shiho Matsudaira3             
Stefanie Christensen | H2H0             
    Shiho Matsudaira4         
    Stephanie Loeuillette | H2H0         
Linda Bergstrom1             
Stephanie Loeuillette | H2H3             
        Shiho Matsudaira3     
        Britt Eerland | H2H4     
Mercedes Nagyvaradi0             
Pauline Chasselin | H2H3             
    Pauline Chasselin2         
    Britt Eerland | H2H4         
Gokce Nur Gungor0             
Britt Eerland | H2H3             
            Britt Eerland2 
            Sofia Polcanova | H2H4 
Laura Gasnier2             
Carelyn Cordero | H2H3             
    Carelyn Cordero0         
    Sarah De Nutte | H2H4         
Svetlana Mokhnacheva2             
Sarah De Nutte | H2H3             
        Sarah De Nutte0     
        Sofia Polcanova | H2H4     
Laura Pfefer3             
Roxana Istrate | H2H1             
    Laura Pfefer0         
    Sofia Polcanova | H2H4         
Marie Migot0             
Sofia Polcanova | H2H3             

Enjoy your table tennis!